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Distributor Members

(Voting Category)

Distributor Members shall be business entities (such as corporations, partnerships, etc.) that:

  1. Are engaged in the distribution of fluid sealing products and/or fluid sealing services to industry, institutions, end users, and/or original equipment manufacturers, and who have engaged in such business for a period of at least one year prior to application for membership in this Corporation; and,
  2. Are not subsidiaries or affiliates of any fluide sealing manufacture; and,
  3. Act as distributors for products manufactured by two or more manufacturers of fluid sealing products; and,
  4. Maintain their own inventory of at least $50,000 at cost of fluid sealing products. Fluid sealing products are defined as mechanical or hydraulic seals, packings or gaskets; and,
  5. Maintain a minimum annual gross sales of at least $250,000 of fluid sealing products and fluid sealing services.
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