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Extending the networking power of the annual Summit year-round.  Articles here are for ISD members only – for more information, click here.  Check out ISD’s private LinkedIn page to join the conversation.

3D Printing for Industrial Sealing: From Hype to Enlightenment

Whatever happened to 3D printing? When Tech Crunch asked that question back in the summer of 2016, many companies had already grown tired of hearing about the promise of additive manufacturing. Now, as another year winds down, there’s even less buzz about 3DP. Sure, GE is using additive manufacturing to make aircraft parts, but is there an application for 3D printing at your company in 2018?

Metal & X-Ray Detectable Rubber Materials

News from PAI

Stringent government regulations mandate that food, beverage, and pharmaceutical manufacturers keep foreign material out of ingredients to ensure food and drug safety for consumers. Preventing foreign material from entering the processing stream is of the utmost concern but there must also be measures in place to detect contaminated product and quarantine it before it is distributed.

The Origin™ Gasket – A new design that is truly unique!

News from Teadit

The Origin™ Gasket has been developed with the challenges of rail car service in mind, and utilizing Teadit’s Tealon structured and filled PTFE material, we are proud to introduce an ultimate level of sealing ability – Teadit’s Origin™ RC510.

Introducing Virtual ISD

What do you like the most about the ISD Annual Summit? Maybe it’s the networking that takes place or the friendships that form. The opportunities to learn, exchange ideas, and gain a fresh perspective are invaluable, too. There’s no substitute for the ISD Annual Summit, but our events last only a few days. That’s why we’re building a place for you to stay all year long.